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Phantom Dragons was formed by the merger of several like-minded guilds, including Phantom Sound, Dragon Souls, and Ministry of Silly Walks, an most recently Zerum. We therefore have 3 guild masters, who communicate constantly, and work together to solve any issue. Our members are diverse in their backgrounds and approach to game play, but share a sincere interest in the game and enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Phantom Dragons is, overall, a casual raiding guild. Don't let the word ''casual'' mislead you, however, as we are very serious about high-level instances! "Casual'' simply refers to the fact that 1) We have different teams, and schedules for raids, and more teams on the way. We encourage everyone to join in on regular and Heroic runs, if they are online, and available to help. 2) Although we enjoy running instances, we also spend a lot of time questing. Also, most of our members are working adults, so our raids will be in the evenings (approximately 9pm to 3am server time) and/or weekends. We are currently invading high-level instances such as Karazhan, Zul’Aman (ZA), and Gruul’s Lair As well as retro-raiding for events like Molten Core (MC), Black Wing Lair (BWL), Onyxia (ONY), Ahn'Qiraj (AQ), and Zul'Gurub (ZG). We are also actively working towards the more difficult raids in Outland.

What can you do for me?

  • •• We are not hung up on ranks and promotions. Either you are a guild member, or you are not. We do have Elected officer positions, that we rotate every few months, to help with administration, of a large guild, but everyone is treated equal.
  • • We do not offer speed leveling services. However, we do enjoy group questing.
  • •• The guild is not here to help you ''armor up." If the only reason you are considering us, is to get better gear, or to get into an uber raiding guild, don’t bother. We all appreciate having fine armor, but our ultimate goal is fun and not to be "pimp."
  • The guild is not here to give you free materials to improve your crafting.
  • The guild is not here to offer you a loan for your mount. Seriously. Don't ask.
  • • The guild is not here for PvP Some of our members enjoy going to BG’s, and some go for “stepping stone gear”, however, it will never be a Guild objective.

What are your credentials?

Some of our members are from raiding guilds on other servers, who have moved to Turalyon for a fresh start, a new economy, and the personal challenge of putting a raid capable guild together from scratch. Others of our members are locals, born and raised in the cities and countryside of Turalyon.

When are raid nights?

Raid nights vary, depending on the availability of those on the team, but generally begin at 9pm/10pm server time in the evenings, or weekend Evenings around 7pm. Unlike most guilds, when we post a start time, we expect everyone to be at the destination, buffed, and ready for battle at that time. Please do not expect to be summoned to a raid destination; you must plan ahead to provide yourself with sufficient time to arrive by port, boat, mount, and/or good old fashion walking. Raids are posted in Group Calendar usually a week ahead of time. Our raids are open to guild members, friends and guests are usually permitted only with explicit approval from our guild masters. Please do not vouch for someone unless you know them well and explicitly trust them to: 1) Abide by our looting policies 2) conduct themselves in a professional manner consistent with our guild policies 3) participate in the entire raid.

What are the requirements for joining Phantom Dragons?

If you''re ''uber'', or ''l33t'', or ''got skillz'', we're not interested. Thanks for asking. However, we are looking for people that meet the following criteria:

  • You must be mature and polite.
  • Selfishness is not acceptable, do not ignore other members LFG, because you don't need anything in that instance. The faster we get everyone what they need, the faster we can progress into the higher level content.
  • You personal motive must be for ''the hunt'', not for ''the loot''. We thoroughly enjoy unabashed teamwork, and the critical inter-dependencies required by high-level instances. We are only interested in those with similar interests. Loot is a natural byproduct for those that attend raids, but is not our reason for attending.
  • You must demonstrate skill in your chosen class. We don't expect perfection by any stretch. However, we expect everyone to constantly hone their skills. You must be open to positive feedback. Conversely, we're all ears (some of our elven friends more literally than others) if you have any for us.
  • When participating in a raid, you must be dedicated to it for the duration. Likewise, If you accept a permanent position on a raid team, you are expected to be there, on time, and ready. Each night that your team runs. Please note that most raids will last for 3-5 hours; please plan your schedule accordingly.
  • You must have Teamspeak installed. We do not permit cursing or playing music over the channel. If you do not have a microphone or do not wish to speak, that is fine. However, you must be able to hear and act on verbal instructions.
  • We also require that you have Group Calendar installed. This will permit you to see our raid schedule and sign up for events.
  • • We require Big Wigs, and Little Wigs, or Deadly Boss Mods, which helps automate raid alerts for specific bosses (for example, boldly announcing when Onyxia begins a deep breath).
  • • We also require having CT_Raid installed, especially if you expect to function in a raid as the main tank, main assist, lead healer, etc.
  • You must be willing to abide by our loot policies on guild-led instances/events.
  • • We do not allow outside guild raiding, or saved instance running, as that leaves you unavailable to go with the guild however, instance running with friends from other places, and backfilling regular instance runs with friends is encouraged. A lot of our current members came from joining an instance, on request from a friend.

If you need help installing and testing any of the addons, our Tech officers will be happy to help you. There are links to safe downloads of all the required, and recommended addons, on this website.

I can do that, and it even sounds like it could be fun! How do I sign up?

Create an account on this website, using the name of your main Character, locate our Application , and follow the instructions!

''Dur'' Found Murdered in Nagrand!
World of Warcraft****NEWS FLASH****

Members of a Nessingwary hunting party stumbled upon the prone body of a paladin at approximately 9:30pm last night, and alerted local Draenei authorities by shooting a series of flares into the sky.

Although no ID was found on the body, two tattoos were noted, one on the right bicep reading "Dur," and another on the lower back that read "I (heart-shape) PD." With this information, authorities were able to identify the body as being one Durendel Smalls, a member of Phantom Dragons.

Authorities quickly arrested a suspect in connection with the death. Known only as "Adoil," the vengeful paladin is known to be a member of the Thorclan, a local gang that constantly feuds with the Strigidowl mafia of the old world. Attorneys for Adoil insist that their client had nothing to do with the death of Dur, and that the "alleged blood" on Adoil's mace is, in fact, a new type of enchant known as "The Smear."

Reference Link
Posted by Snowdrop
on Friday, January 25 @ 19:44:18 PST (1453 reads)

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Congratulations to Whim!
World of WarcraftWe are pleased to announce that Rooze, King of Turalyon, has agreed to relieve Whim of his various meat-farming and fur-brushing responsibilities, and instead take up a part time job as a "Fearless Processor of Potential Dragons."

Whim will now be reviewing the forums for new applications, contacting applicants in game, ensuring that they sign up for a scheduled run, and encouraging guild members to post feedback in the sponsorship form.

All hail Rooze, King of Turalyon, for his benevolence and courtesy!
Posted by Snowdrop
on Wednesday, September 12 @ 00:08:01 PDT (1819 reads)

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WoWEE Airing SMACKDOWN ''Team Pie vs. Maiden of Virtue''
World of WarcraftThe World of Warcraft Endgame Entertainment channel (WoWEE) has started airing commercials for WoWEE Smackdown "Team Pie vs Maiden of Virtue."

Team Pie brought on the challenge. Their leader, Silkyjohnson, disappeared under mysterious circumstances after downing Attumen "Deadman" Huntsman in the first round. Rumors were rampant that "Piano Man" Moroes was behind the deed.

Ntrsandman then tag-teamed Fentythor, Team Pie's Spokesbear, to strap on his tanking shoes, and rookie rogue Bloodwulfe was summoned from the sidelines to provide some extra damage. "I've cut a lot of pastry with these blades," Bloodwulfe threatened, "if ya know what I mean."

Fentythor reared up onto his back two paws to reach his impressive 9.5' stature, as he flexed and then crossed his paws. "Moroes is going down," he roared. And down he went. Team Pie again scored a K.O. in the first round. In his dying breath, Moroes uttered "The maiden... it was.... the maiden..."

As the commercials being aired on WoWEE make clear, Team Pie has issued a new challenge to Helga, the alleged "Maiden of Virtue."

Joining Silkyjohnson in Team Pie for today were:

* Darkorchid, "Ice Champion of Outlands"
* Whim "Collector of Finely Ground Things"
* Corajoso "Its Pasa His Bedtime"
* Surei "Purveyor of Bomb-aids";
* Ntrsandman "He Puts the "Z"s in Karazhan"
* Fentythor "Spokesbear";
* Stained "The Lady Macbeth of Deadwind Pass";
* Fleck "The Dot in Attumen's Eye"
* Ryvermist "From Whom Damage Flows Like Water"; and
* Bloodwulfe "McStabbins of Hurtsalot."
Posted by Snowdrop
on Tuesday, August 28 @ 23:14:08 PDT (2164 reads)

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Guildies Missing - Rumors Abound
World of WarcraftIn a truly unusual twist of events, almost no one from Phantom Dragons was online on Friday, July 20, particularly in the evening. Guild leaders were alarmed, as Friday nights are typically the most heavily populated time of the week.

Rumors were flying about the source of the absence. "I think that the ACLU was boycotting," suggested Chinabury, "it was the gnomes in particular that are missing." Fentythor agreed, "Yes, for some reason *burp* the gnomes aren't around." Determined to uncover the source of the problem, the guild leaders are requesting that all guildies complete a poll (click on this news article and then look in the column on the right) to account for their whereabouts.
Posted by snowdrop
on Saturday, July 21 @ 01:58:58 PDT (1787 reads)

(Read More... | Score: 5)
Important Karazhan Changes in Effect
World of WarcraftAs a guild, we've been making nice progress towards getting more and more folks attuned in Karazhan, and having fun in our "Exploration League" runs. It is now time for us, as a guild, to get serious about casual raiding!! (wink) This is going to involve some changes in the way we handle our raids, including dusting off and tweaking our Big Book O' Raiding Rules.

Please click here for important information about our plan for the future of Karazhan, and here for important information on how to participate in our raid schedule survey.
Posted by Snowdrop
on Wednesday, July 18 @ 21:01:29 PDT (1452 reads)

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The Great Wall of Dragons holds back Attumen the Huntsman
World of WarcraftIn its third foray into the abandoned mansion in Deadwind Pass, the Karazhan Exploration League has yet again defeated Attumen the Huntsman.

"No biggie," said Tymekiller, the group's senior tank, as he re-braided his beard and pulled bits of horse skellie off of his helmet. "I didn't even need heals, really, it was just me and him. And his horse. There were nine other people in my team, whom I assume were staying out of harm's way and cheering me on, although its hard to hear with all this beard stuffed up in my helmet. Extra padding that way, but it does get in the way of me ears."

After a short growl from Rooze, Tymekiller burst into laughter and hugged his teammates. "Naw, these guys are the best. A tank can't tank without some fine healin' and someone else to whap the mobs upside the head while I hold them still."

Joining Tymekiller in the Exploration League for today were:

* Celindris "Slayer of Undead"
* Darkorchid, "Ice Champion of Outlands"
* Whim "Collector of Finely Ground Things"
* Inaara "Healer of the Short-Legged"
* Ixxi "Publisher of Life (TM) Magazine"
* Pasa "High Roller of Turalyon"
* Surei "Purveyor of Bomb-aids"; and
* Ntrsandman "He Puts the "Z"s in Karazhan."

Also participating were Sillyjohnson (The New Guy) and, later, Gorfleck (famed member of Snowmon and Gorfunkle). In honor of the victory, Gorfleck composed the following lyrics:

"When you're weary, feeling small,
Like a crying gnome, such as Magdra;
Gorf's on your side when times get tough
And priests just can't be found,
Like a dwarf eating ribs and brewskis,
Gorf will heal you all."

Congratulations to the Karazhan Exploration League for another job well done!
Posted by Snowdrop
on Monday, July 09 @ 20:41:00 PDT (1749 reads)

(Read More... | Score: 5)
Hunters demand change, blizzard concedes..!
World of WarcraftIn a move that surprised the Warcraft community, hunters across Turalyon made a show of solidarity as they forced Blizzard to concede to a simple, yet important demand.

First, the hunters moved their toons into Shattrath City and parked them with pets summoned, causing an immense lag problem. This did cause widespread grumbling among the thousands of visitors who pass through Shattrath City each day. Seldon the Mage, for example, complained that the "porting delays were worse than when the dark portal first opened back in January."

Although this plan brought the hunters' plight to the attention of the population at large, Blizzard refused to honor the hunters' request. Accordingly, the hunters decided to stop waiting for the elevator leading from the Scrier Tier to the Terrace of Light. For three weeks, hunter bodies piled up on the platform until hapless aldors complained of the smell, and the elevator became inoperable.

Accordingly, tiring of the countless server resets and complaints, Blizzard has now conceded to the hunters' demand, and placed a dedicated meat vendor in Shattrath City.

You are therefore all encouraged to visit Brendan Turner, who sells a fine variety of meat products for your hungry hungry pets. He is conveniently located next to the bullet vendor in southeastern lower city, so that you needn't make an extra trip to the rowdy World's End Tavern in the far northern section of Lower City.
Posted by Snowdrop
on Wednesday, July 04 @ 23:23:05 PDT (1978 reads)

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Nether Drake Mount
World of WarcraftSo, You want a Nether Drake as a mount? Well .Here is how to get one. Good Luck!
Posted by Druidthundar
on Wednesday, May 23 @ 08:36:13 PDT (2259 reads)

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